Dancer, choreographer and teacher, founder of Minako Seki Company. Her artistic approach can not be separated from her personal philosophy of living, which in a wholistic way combines vipassana meditation, macrobiotic cooking and Japanese traditional body healing techniques.

Born in Japan, Minako Seki lives and works in Berlin since 1986. Her first source of influence were the Japanese dancers Tetsuro Tamura and Anzu Furukawa. Both masters have in common a crucial consideration of human and emotional levels and the fusion of contemporary dance and physical theater with the classic Butoh dance technique.

In her pieces Seki investigates the communication between the conscious and subconscious, the description of emotional states and the boundaries between reality and illusion.


Since 1996 has been working as a director and choreographer under her own name. In doing so, she is always interested in interdisciplinary projects; for example she choreographed the opera “The Final Solution” by Peter Michael Hamel and collaborated several times in productions for performance groups like Showcase Beat le Mot (“Nazi Super Menschen sind euch allen überlegen” in DingDongDom, HAU and other venues, 2014-2016, “Animal Farm” in the Theater an der Parkaue, 2014, “1534” at the HAU, Theater in the Pumpenhaus Münster and WUK Wien, 2010-2013, “The Bremer Stadtmusikanten” at the Theater an der Parkaue, 2010) and the group She She Pop (“Ende” in FFT Düsseldorf and Schwankhalle Bremen, 2013-2015)

In the last two years, Minako Seki has been part of the project “We Women”, in collaboration with Spanish dancer Sol Picó, Shantala Shivalingappa and Julie Dossavi. The piece (twice finalist in the Spanish Max Prize Awards 2015 and 2016) had a great success in theaters such as the Grec Festival in Barcelona, Fabbrica Europa in Florence and FIBA Festival in Buenos Aires.

With her new production “Equilibrio Arcaico”, in 2016 Minako Seki entered the world of flamenco. The piece is the first step of her collaboration with the renowned dancer and choreographer Israel Galván. In 2017 they will realize an international Tournee with performances in important theaters such as Festival d’Avignon or Theatre de La Ville du Luxembourg between many others

She has brought her body technique and teaching method together under the „Seki Method“, that she teached in numerous workshops and master classes worldwide. She was guest professor at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen, at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen and at the Hamburg University for Performing Arts, between others.

Detailed CV


2018      12.01 Existence at Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca. Balears, Spain


2017      15.1 In Dreams at Capealla Hospitalis. Bielefeld,Germany

6.05 Premiere of La Fiesta / with Israel Galván at Sankt Pölkten Theater, Sankt Pölklten, Austria

10-13.05 La fiesta / with Israel Galván at Festival Movimientos /Autostadt, Wofsburg, Germany

14-15.06 We Women / Sol Picó at Teatros del Español, Madrid, Spain

21.10 We Women / Sol Picó at Teatro Jovellanos, Gijón, Spain

26.-29.10 We Women / Sol Picó at Mercat de les flors, Barcelona, Spain

2-18.11.2017Two with Yumiko Yoshioka    at Eis Fabrik Theater, Hannover           Germany

24.11 We Women / Sol Picó at Castelló de la Plana Theater, Castellon, Spain

01.12 We Women / Sol Picó at Sant Cugat Theater, Sant Cugat, Spain

03.12 We Women / Sol Picó at Teatro Principal de Alicante, Alicante, Spain

6.12 Two with Yumiko Yoshioka at Lot Theater, Braunschweig, Germany

12.12 Two with Yumiko Yoshioka at Tanzfaktur, Cologne, Germany


2016      26.2. The WW (WeWomen) SOL PICO and CO at Equilibrio Festival / Auditorium – Parco della Musica. Rome, Italy

8.3. The WW (WeWomen) SOL PICO and CO at Le Théätre Scène  nationale de Mâcon. Mâcon Val de Saone, France

8-9.4. Human Form at Eis Fabrik Theater / Commedia Futura. Hannover, Germany

25.4. The WW (WeWomen) SOL PICO and CO at Auditorio de Galicia. Santiago de Compostela, Spain

5.5. The WW (WeWomen) SOL PICO and CO at Festival Fabbrica Europa. Florence, Italy

19.5. Collaboration with Israel Galván on Carmen Amaya at Mercat de les Flors. Barcelona, Spain

14-16.10. BODY IQ – Somatics Festival. Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

12.6. Der Wald als Partitur mit ReEnter Company und Musik kollektiv at Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose and Forest. Melle, Germany

25.6 Die Leichtigkeit des Seins at Benediktushof-Holzkirchen, Holzkirchen, Germany

7.7. Solo performance at Moving Bodies Butoh Festival. Torino, Italy

25.11. The WW (WeWomen) SOL PICO and CO at Teatro Villa de Molina, Molina de Segura (Múrcia), Spain

27.11. The WW (WeWomen) SOL PICO and CO at Teatro Principal de Zaragoza. Zaragoza, Spain


2015      Human Form. Dock 11 Berlin

Symphony to a Lost Generation. Digital 3D Performance with Symphony orchestra. London, England

Existence. Dock11. Berlin

Human Form Torino Butoh Festival. Torino, Italy

“WW” We Women. In collaboration with Cia Sol Picó. Grec Festival. Barcelona, Spain

Solo Performance Lune Rouge Art Projects. Ibiza, Spain

“WW” We Women with Sol Picó.FIBA Dance Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Human Form. FI Butoh Festival. GAM, Santiago de Chile and Butoh Festival in Concepción, Chile

Human Form. Commedia Futura / Eis Fabrik Theatre. Hannover, Germany

2CV Bauer-Drees-Seki / Dance Improvisation with live music at Exploratorium. Berlin, Germany

“WW” We Women with Sol Picó. Temporada Alta Festival in Girona, Spain


2014      Human Form. Thespis, 9. International Monodrama Festival ’14, Schauspiel Haus Kiel. Germany

Resonanzkörper Festival. Senckenberg museum Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Human Form 1. International Monodrama Festival. Fujairah, United Arabic Emirates

Ammo-Nite Gig, Vol. 46, with Yuko Kaseki. Dock 11. Berlin, Germany

Fukushima – The Aftermath Story of Berlin Museum. Berlin, Germany

Existence, with Willem Schulz. DOCK11. Berlin, Germany

Hard Boild Wondering. Ackerstadtpalast. Berlin, Germany


2013      Human Form 1. SESC Pompéia Saō Paulo, Brazil

Human Form 1. Opening of the Muntada Festival 2013, Bagdad National Theater. Iraq

Human Form 1. TBC. Cádiz, Spain

Hormones of Happiness. Lecture Performance with Romina Achatz. Linz Universität, Österreich / Tanzfabrik. Berlin / Frankfurt am Main University, Germany

Existence, with Willem Schulz. Eisfabrik. Hannover, Germany

Human Form 1. Nun Off Festival de Creación Emergente de Barcelona. Spain


2012      Doro Doro Quarks, with Yuko Kasseki.Teatro Solís. Montevideo, Uruguay

Doro Doro Quarks, with Y. Kasseki. Univerisidad Nacional de Córdoba. Córdoba, Argentina

Doro Doro Quarks, with Y. Kasseki. Centro Cultural de Parque Espana. Rosario, Argentina

Doro Doro Quarks, with Y. Kasseki. Teatro Portón de Sánchez. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Existence, with W. Schulz Festival Valladolid, Spain, Teatro de las Esquina. Zaragoza, Spain

Doro Doro Quarks, with Y. Kaseki. BE – Festival. Birmingham, England

Forming, with Ming Poon. International Dance Festival Ingolstadt. Germany

2011      Caos Sensible. Duo. Music by Zam Johnson. Centro Cultura del Matadero, Huesca, Spain

Human Form 1. Caixa Forum. Barcelona, Spain

Existence. Museo Nacional de Ballas Artes. Santiago de Chile, Chile

Physical Meeting. Mica Moca. Berlin, Germany

Far from Thought, Site-Spacific-Performance. Übersee Museum. Bremen, Germany

Doro Doro Quarks – A Dance Poem. With Yuko Kaseki. Dock 11. Berlin, Germany

2010      Doro Doro Quarks. With Yuko Kaseki. Dock 11. Berlin, Germany

2009      Second Sleep, Radialsystem V. Berlin, Deutshchland

In to Embodiment Solo. Picasso Museum. Barcelona, Spain

2008      The Undercover Elephant. Performance with Elias Cohen und Nils Willers. Teatro San Ginés. Santiago de Chile, Chile

2007      Modulations, Tanzfabrik. Berlin, Germany

2006      Memories To Undressed Persons – Butoh Strip. Neue Nationalgalerie. Berlin, Germany

2005      Borderless Split Brain. (Sponsored by Berlin Hauptstadtkulturfonds). Ballhaus Naunynstrasse / Werkstatt der Kulturen / Danceräume – Festival Hagen / Bielefeld Dancefestival, Germany

2004      Dancing Between Solo. Theater on the Board, Seattle / Noh Space, San Francisco, USA / Finnis Terra / Santiago de Chile, Chile / Théâtre les Halles. Sierre, Switzerland / Theater Zag. Danzig, Poland

2003      The Way to the Hiden Garden, in collaboration with you Kaseki, Sten Rudstrome, Shin lova Koga, Yael Karavan, and the sculptor Dani Karavan. Sapporo Moere Park Museum, Japan

Dancefondue. Tanzabrik. Berlin, Germany

Dancing Between. Ballhaus Naunynstrasse. Berlin, Germany

2002      Glass Anatomies. Staatsbank. Berlin, Germany

2001      EX-ORIENTE LUX. Tanzfabrik. Berlin, Germany

2000      Noisy Garden. DOCK11. Berlin, Germany

2014      Public Award. Human Form 1. Thepsis Monodrama Festival. Kiel, Germany

Heidelberg Youth Theatre Price for Animal Farm of Show Case Beat Le Mot / Collaborating as a Choreographer. Heidelberg, Germany

2005      Hauptstadtkulturfonds Productions Sponsorship. Berlin, Germany

2001      Nominated for the Kurt-Jooss-Preis: Schicht (Participant in the Jury: Pina Bausch)

2000      Best Dance-Solo : Euro-scene Leipzig: Homage to Rio Reiser

1994      „Besonders Wertvoll“ Award by the Jury. Saarbrücken Film Festival: Ju-ni hitoe, or the discover of the Soul.

  • For Showcase Beat le Mot (performance group) :

: Nazi Super Menschen sind euch allen überlegen (DingDongDom, HAU, Berlin, 2014 – 2015)

: Animal Farm (Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin, 2014)

: 1534 (HAU, Berlin, 2013)

: The Bremer Stadtmusikanten (Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin, 2012)

  • Raissa Avilés : Matrioska (Master Campus Theater, Switzerland, 2014)
  • She She Pop Performance group: Ende (HAU. Berlin, 2013)
  • Laura Pacheco (Contemporary Flamenco) : Des Plante.doc (Sao Paulo, Salvador de Bahia, Porto Alegre and Florianópolis, Brazil, 2013)
  • Commedia Futura, Eisfabrik Hannover : Le Cadavre Exquis (Hannover, 2010)
  • Teatro Oráculo, Chile: VaYven (Concepción Chile, 2009)
  • Teatre Cantabile 2, Dänemark : Osmotic Cosmos (1998), Ko-Produktion with the National School Copenhagen/ Pentotal (1997) / Dogman (1997) / Alzheimer (1997), Homosapiens (1996), The Endlösung – Opera by Michael Hamel (1996).

Israel Galván, Sol Picó, Julie Dossavi, Shantala Shivalingappa, Teatro del Oraculo, Ruta de la Memoria, Feridun Zaimoglu, Peter Michael Hamel, Kristján Ingimarsson, Sven Väth, Elliot Sharp, N.U. Unruh (Einstürzende Neubauten), Zam Johnson, Dudu Tucci, Gustav Gisiger, Nullo Facchini, Uwe Renken, Martin-Karl Wagner, Yumiko Yoshioka, Schiller, Bremer Kammerorchester, Dani Karavan, Yuko Kaseki, Willem Schulz, Elias Cohen, Chansook Choi, Ming Poon, Showcase – Beat le Mot, She She Pop

Besides her intense dancing career Minako Seki has been teaching her technique under the Seki Method in numerous workshops and master classes worldwide such as:

Tanz Fabrik –Uffer Studios-, Berlin

Dimitri University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Odense, Denmark

Cantabile 2, School of Stage Arts, Denmark

Ostfold University College, in Norway

Performance Studies Department of the Hamburg University, Germany

Folkwang University in Essen, Germany

Institute for Theatre Studies of the Justus-Liebig-Universität in Gießen, Germany

Alanus School of Arts and Social Studies in Alfter, Germany.

Regular workshops in DOCK 11 / TANZFABRIK / LABOR GRASS, Berlin, Germany

Furthermore she co-founded the Post School for Physical Theatre and Dance, between Berlin and Santiago de Chile.

Text and publication

  • ARTICLE Interview. Ultima Hora 13.2.2018 (p.51) CATALAN Download
  • ARTICLE Stadtkind Magazin 12/17 (p.56) 2017. GERMAN Download
  • ARTICLE Aral Info. 2016. SPANISH Link
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  • BOOK Mujeres del Teatro Japonés. SPANISH Link
  • ARTICLE Tanz. October. 2011 GERMAN Download PDF
  • ARTICLE BallettanzBy Arnd Wesermann .2010 GERMAN Download PDF
  • ARTICLE Tanzkunst. 2009 GERMAN DownloadPDF
  • ARTICLE Donau Courier.Die Poesie der Korper. 2011 GERMAN DownloadPDF
  • ARTICLE Stattzeitung-Plus. 2011 GERMAN Download PDF


Company by Tetsuro Tamura and Anzu Furukawa

<<My master Tetsuro Tamura, who died at a very early age,  founded, together with Anzu Furukawa, the Dance Love Machine company. The company allowed me to ground a dance style and philosophy as well as  opened the possibility to travel to Europa. 
In the early eighties, the group became a really innovative movement of  the Tokyo art scene.
Considering the history of Butoh dance, Tamura was recognized for introducing the humanity of daily life emotions into the dance performance. 
Tamura also created what he named Dogen Philosophy, introducing Zen principles to choreography. >>
“His choreographic method resembles the effort of  the hand swinging in the nothingness”


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Video-portrait by Nicolás Clement





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