We invite you to join the ‘Creative Dojo’, Performing Arts in Holistic Creation. The research project in August 2019 will be a deeper exploration of movement, our internal world and creative capacity.


WHEN: August 16th to 24th, 2019 (9 days / 8 nights )

(August 16th:  starting in the afternoon / August 24th: leaving after midday)



Farm of Bräsen, in Germany. There is a direct regional train from Berlin to Jeber-Bergfrieden, a neighbouring village. The ride is about 90 minutes.

What you will find on the farm:
– a main house with a common kitchen, a dining room and 2 sitting rooms.
– a guest house with 10 small rooms with double beds, 2 showers and 2 toilets and an atelier/seminar room
– a dance studio
– a courtyard
– a field/garden
– Mischa, the cat who is a permanent resident there.


We invite you to join the ‘Creative Dojo’, Performing Arts in Holistic Creation. The research project in August 2019 will be a deeper exploration of movement, our internal world and creative capacity. This time we will explore theme of „ bouncing“!!

You probably already know that even the most apparent stillness holds within a world of movement. Everything is in a state of change. Your body is in flux.
You walk, turn, jump, rest, sit, twist and the millions of particles that make your body move. The extraordinary choreography of being alive.

We relate to others and expand beyond our borders. We interact in multiple ways, wave like motions of softness, resistance, love, attraction, fear.

We bounce towards the earth and are in relation to stars and planets. Whenever something goes away, something comes back.

Our liquid body is relating to the many other liquid bodies on the earth, to the oceans, rivers and lakes. We are bouncing water particles in every single moment.We bounce towards or away from each other. In synchronicity, in rhythm and out of rhythm.

This workshop offers a space to research the many possibilities of ‘bouncing’. At the physical, relational and emotional levels we can explore and observe our movements and develop a language to communicate what is alive and how in this moment.An essential part of the workshop is the creation of a space to support health, creativity and vitality. With this aim and to enhance our research and dance we will practice meditation and yoga, we will have a bio vegetarian diet and we will be introduced to healing techniques (massage and Japanese moxibustion).

For the last 30 years, Minako Seki has developed her own movement techniques and teaching method. The Seki Method works with the TanDen, centre of the body, and origin of our energy and movement. It is based on simple essential principles of nature and physics that support the dancing body. The Seki Method investigates the communication between the conscious and subconscious, the description of emotional states and the boundaries between reality and illusion.



MINAKO SEKI: Dancer, choregrapher and creator of the Seki Method. Will be leading the Seki Method training , the Vipassana Mediation, the macrobiotic cooking lessons and the Japanese natural treatment demonstrations.

INALU ANTOLI is a teacher of yoga and creative movement, as well as nutrition expert. Her yoga practice is based in awareness, deep listening and breath. By extending the focus in grounding ourselves, experimenting the present and feeling the uniqueness of our bodies, her teaching aims to provide freedom of movement and a state of profound aliveness and vitality.

ALFONSO RIVERA: Physical theater teacher in Vigo University since 12 years, movement director, author and life coach. Will be leading a “Personal Development & Life Vision” session and will guide you all during the week.

MORITZ BONATTI: He is following the Seki Method, assisted Minako in several workshops and retreats over 5 years, and danced in her company. His interests are constantly moving between performance, filmmaking, anthropology, yoga, climbing and wild herbs. He works as documentary producer in northern Italy. He will guide the participants through the workshop.

LILI LENFANT: Mover, care giver and painter. Responsible for the registration issues, as well as answering questions about payment or logistics.



790€ Full price / until August 1st.
740€ Late early bird price / until July 1st
690€ Early Bird price / until May 1st
640€ SUPER Early bird price / until February 1st / NEW YEAR PRESENT

*Lodging in double rooms & bio food included in the price! We will cook all together with the aim to introduce you to vegan, macrobiotic cuisine with mixed with traditional Japanese influences.