We invite you to join the ‘Creative Dojo’, Performing Arts in Holistic Creation.

The core of the spring intensive workshop is the creation of a site-specific solo dance performance in a natural environment.

To come on a retreat means to leave behind your everyday life and step into the unknown. We would like you to come with the will of challenging yourself, to break out of old and useless patterns, to go beyond your limitations in a physical, mental and emotional way. Our approach is holistic and we want to invite you wholly and fully to this retreat.

We will enter a scheduled programme together, breaking out of your daily habits. We hope that this discipline will give us more freedom, to act, to be and to dance life.

This retreat is an opportunity to cleanse yourself, to release blockages and reconnect with your natural energy flow


WHEN: May 24 to 31, (8 days / 7 nights )

(May 24th: starting in the afternoon / May 31st: leaving after midday)


LOCATION: Villa Son Dragó – countryside near San Joan, in the middle of the island- See WEB

Located in the idyllic countryside of Mallorca, the workshop will take place indoors and outdoors, in the garden of the beautiful villa and on the beach, to practice movement in connection to nature and inside the water.

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The core of the spring intensive workshop is the creation of a site-specific solo dance performance in a natural environment.

The Minako Seki Method departs from imagination and the endless possibilities of it. Through imagination, you communicate between consciousness with unconsciousness, as well as micro-cosmos with macro-cosmos as a base for our creative impulse and artistic expression.

‘The force of gravity allows us to move. When we find this force in our body we find more freedom in our movement and we meet our strength and our lightness.’

‘Our body holds universal memories. Through movement we reconnect with natural impulses, images and life forms. We can evoke ancient stories, our own and those of our ancestors. We are moved by inner and outer forces. We find what was already in us, waiting for us.’

‘Many points form a circle.
Points that are spaces, feelings, memories, images.
As I look closer I can see even more points in between, infinite points.
I dance to find the moments between them and my dance opens to endless possibilities.’

Furthermore, the workshop introduces the complementary disciplines, which are part of Minako’s holistic vision of life and creativity: meditation, yoga, healing techniques and cooking for a balanced body.


… learn the basics of the Seki Method Technique
… find natural & physical principles in your body
… reconnect & trust your instincts
… unfold imagination & creativity
… find the communication between conscious and sub-conscious


… use personal experiences to produce authentic creations


… learn to be in the “Here and Now”, to meet yourself, meet your breath and your life


…remember your true nature, essentially joyful & peaceful. Reorganize our body to also reorganize our mind and spirit.


… give time & tools to support self-healing and de-toxification

Macrobiotic Cooking

… cooking and what you are eating influences the way you feel physically and emotionally



MINAKO SEKI: Dancer, choregrapher and creator of the Seki Method. Will be leading the Seki Method training , the Vipassana Mediation, the macrobiotic cooking lessons and the Japanese natural treatment demonstrations.

INALU ANTOLI is a teacher of yoga and creative movement, as well as nutrition expert. Her yoga practice is based in awareness, deep listening and breath. By extending the focus in grounding ourselves, experimenting the present and feeling the uniqueness of our bodies, her teaching aims to provide freedom of movement and a state of profound aliveness and vitality.

FRANZISKA GERTH: movement practicioner, teacher and part time cook, looking forward to travel with you through this experience

LILI LENFANT: Mover, care giver and painter. Responsible for the registration issues, as well as answering questions about payment or logistics.



890€ Full price / until May 1st.
840€ Late early bird price / until March 1st
790€ Early Bird price / until February 1st
740€ SUPER Early bird price / until December 31st / CHRISTMAS PRESENT

*Lodging in double rooms & bio food included in the price! We will cook all together with the aim to introduce you to vegan, macrobiotic cuisine with mixed with traditional Japanese influences.



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