Since the pandemic has gripped us tightly, I have been given a new perspective on how much we have to accept our real situation as inhabitants of our planet. Pulled by gravity to the centre of the earth, we hang in and out of the cosmos. It is the earth that is above, the sky that is below. Our above is the heart of the earth.

Born out of necessity, I began offering online workshops in April. I called the series “Power Of Imagination”, it has now grown to nine parts, over 2000 participants from all over the world have taken part on a donation basis. Since the workshops began, Jessica Cottee has written down the basic elements of the Seki Method. She has also been able to document the new experiences she has had with digital teaching, and many participants have also written down their experiences.

Since I came to Berlin from Japan 35 years ago, my method of dance has been aligned along a hair-thin, constantly redefining line between cultures. My dance thus emancipates itself from its contradictory places of origin and frees itself from all preconceptions – aligning itself with some basic realities of our physical existence on this planet.

Over the years, written and filmic material about my dance and my method grew into a whole mountain, an infinite number of writings, documentations and works by me and about me accumulated. I would like to sift through this material, sort it and compile it into a whole book together with the documentation of the online workshops and the experiences made in the digital classes. And my archive will be given a systematic order.

The co-author is Jessica Cottee, the illustrator is Lili Lenfant. The book will be published in English and is intended for all dance practitioners and those interested in dance.

I think that with my work I can manifest not only another dance method but also a world view that makes it possible to experience the connectedness of all sentient beings in the fragile balance of their common basis of existence. The root of our bodies cannot lie.

In order to realize this project, i had the chance to get funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR program, DIS-TANZEN aid program of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.