with Yuko Kaseki

Doro Doro Quarks

Doro Doro is a Japanese Otone, the sound and the root of linguistic signs, a fragment of sound, an ancient word, initiated by a physical feeling.

Onomatopoeia would be the western counterpart, but for the fact that Otones, those ancient words going back to the very beginning of language as we know it, are still used in everyday Japanese today (such as “Sara Sara” = caressing of a body, “Ira Ira” = hectic movement, or “Gyoro Gyoro = tenseness of the eyes, comprehensive curiosity).

Quarks are the smallest atomic particles that have been detected. They are seen as the fundamental components of all matter – Otone are the components from which language is.

In their duet DORODORO Quarks, Minako Seki and Yuko Kaseki try to find playful ways of discovering the origins of their own body language. Thus they commit themselves to a journey towards the Japanese roots of dancing which they both share.