In Memoriam of Gustav Gisiger Lightpainter (1949-2002)

Socrates: … it has to be considered, that there are two kinds of visual disturbances and two kinds of causes for them: When you come from the light into the dark and when you come from the dark into the light.
Platon “The Parable of The Caves”

Am I awake or am I dreaming? The worlds presented on this peep-show stage are farytaile grotesque, wavering and vulnerable. It is the theatre as a series of magic picture frames, with doubles and human marionettes tumbling out of them in strange clothes; or weird, floating, turning objects full of visual, acoustic and intellectual illusions and irritations. A poetic game with associations familiar to everyone, associations that can nevertheless change direction from one moment to the next. It is a type of theatre in which light, colours and images dance nimbly with one another, provoking the question of whether this world might indeed be the true world and whether we might merely be living in its shadows.