with Willem Schulz


The human kind fights between two poles: the instinct of survival and the capability to reach a peaceful state of existence.

Existence is dedicated to investigate life-determining issues such as fear, hope, love, illness and death.

The origin of the piece is homage to Minako’s early deceased brother and sister, whom endured a long time fatal illness. Drowning on these experiences Minako Seki and Willem Schulz developed an equally humorous as profound investigation of the vast landscape between life and death, heaven and earth.

Existence is a walk on the sharp edge between the extremes of life and human condition. The journey takes us to an insight of what shimmers between consciousness and the unconscious.


All humans have to deal with death; it is enrooted in our existence and every one of us will come to the reflection about it. The relation between illness-existence-and-death is a very interesting one, as the illness would be a sign or symbol of the death that comes to warn us. Illness has a unique power of transformation. It can modify our attitude; our actions, relations and even can modify our complete shape into a better being.

There is a special power in the endurance of a persisting illness. My sister has always suffered illness; half her life she was ill with cancer. Her hope of defeating cancer (and at times defeat it she did!) gave her a certain appearance. Her hope gave hope to others. Her acceptance of the illness and her hope turned into happiness. Because of her healing powers and her illuminated personality she became a medium to heal others.


Existence is a journey towards the human perception of extinction, which shimmers between the conscious and the unconscious. It pretends to be a declaration of truth revealing our most intimate experiences. We aim not only to show our weaknesses and imperfections, but also leave the audience uncovered and question their own condition.






2017 Casal Solleric. Palma de Mallorca, Balears, Spain

2014    Dock 11 Theater. Berlin, Germany

2013    Eisfabrik Theater / Commedia Futura. Hannover, Germany

2012    Festival International Teatro y Artes de Calle. Valladolid, Spain

Teatro de las Esquinas. Zaragoza, Spain

2011    Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Santiago de Chile, Chile

Teatro IPA. Valparaiso, Chile
Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas. Rosario, Argentina
Sala Mediterránea. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tanzreihe Ikonoclaste / Café Ada. Wuppertal, Germany