The Forest as a Musical Score


Presentation of the collective investigation in Residency at
Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose / in the forest of Melle



The forest with both domestic and wild elements, its glades, ravines, streams and thickets will be the venue and the focus of our production. We would like to re-open our senses and sharpen our perception in the here and now of the  forest in order to develop visions of the future and generate memories.

The starting point of our residency research lies in following questions:

How does the forest sound? What are the trees asking for? How do they relate to each other? Is he a crush? Who sleeps under his wing? Is the moon shining for all? Does the forest love people? Does he have time? What is he dreaming of? How does he dance? What is he telling? How does it taste? And where are we?

The project THE FOREST AS A MUSIC SCORE is an aesthetic experiment that embarks on an associative dialogue with the forest. It penetrates in circles the circuits and networks of the forest.
Musicians and Dancers come together to develop a collective composition that will be offered to the public in two different environments: the forest, in direct interaction with the surrounding nature, and the architecture, framed by human abstraction and compression.
In this way, the natural score of the forest will develop into an artistic score.

The cultural center Wilde Rose is located in the countryside by Melle, in the district of Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany. In our collaborative project, we commemorate the 40 years of the center in the relation to its natural environment.

Part I : Forest – tour
Part II : Space-staging in the new backyard Salon


Pia Raum – Voice
Fanja Raum – Soprano + Old saxophone
Andreas Kaling – Bass saxophone
Susanne Schulz – Violin
Willem Schulz – Violoncello
Marcus Beuter – Electronic

ReEnter / Minako Seki Company, Berlin: 
Minako Seki
Maristela Estrela
Sarah Isabel Beckmann
Ralf Assmann

Sponsored by: Kreissparkasse Melle and Landkreis (District) Osnabrück,
the Department of  Arts and Science Hannover and the Club Wilde Rose e.V (Association)
The event takes place in the context of the Project “Music 21 Niedersachsen”

WHEN: Sunday, 12.6. 2016, at 6:00 pm

WHERE: Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose,
Borgholzhausener Str. 75 – 79,
Melle, Germany

Get directions: here
BOOKING: phone 05422-951325 / email:

* (Please wear good shoes and weatherproof clothing)