Human Form 2: PUPPETS


Under the title ‘HUMAN FORM 2- PUPPETS’, Minako Seki condenses a serie of investigations in which she goes beyond boundaries of the human and inanimate human-like forms, such as dolls, robots, corpses, ghosts and spirits.

She divides her investigation into four stages:
1) The human body and its physicality;
2) Dolls and puppetry;
3) Embodiment;
4) Human projections

Minako Seki has dealt extensively with the first two aspects of HUMAN FORM I. In this new work other aspects should come to the front :

What does it mean to be human and alive?
How can we embody inanimate objects?
And how do our projections relate to the shape of the human being: what projections do we impose on our bodies?
What are the expectations and what happens to the expectations when they become reality?
How do we deal with challenges to our fixed views of reality ?


Idea: Minako Seki
Choreography and Dance: Minako Seki
Assistance: Juana del Mar Jiménez
Director: Wolfgang A. Piontek
Dramaturgy: Peter Piontek
Music: Mo Heidrich
Costumes: Mido Kawamura
Videos: Volker Schreiner Lebens,
Puppet: Ralf Assmann
Lighting design: Wolfgang Denker
Technical realization: Jörg finger
Technical Assistant: Michael Liiv
Administration: Judith Elbeshausen, Deniz Maschmann
Poster photo: Thilo Wet
Stage photo: Ralf Mohr
Graphism: Ralf Mohr and Wolfgang A. Piontek