Human Form 2

A piece by Minako Seki & Pablo Molina

Will be presented  on

16-17 /11/2018

after a four week residency in the theater space  in Hannover.

Under the working title “reflections/projections”, a second part of the work series is to be created and brought to the stage.

In the course of the work process, Minako Seki and Pablo Molina will give an insight into their work in open rehearsals and workshops.
At the end, there will be 3 weeks performances from 1st to 17th of November in the Eisfabrik Theaterin Hannover.

Under the title ‘HUMAN FORM 2’, Minako Seki and Pablo Molina condense a series of investigations in which they go beyond boundaries of the human and inanimate human-like forms, such as dolls, robots, corpses, ghosts and spirits.

They divide their investigation into four stages:

1)  The human body and its physicality

2)  Dolls and puppetry

3) Embodiment

4) Human projections

Minako Seki has dealt extensively with the first two aspects of HUMAN FORM I. In the new work other aspects should come to the front:

  • What does it mean to be human and alive?
  • How can we embody inanimate objects?
    And how do our projections relate to the shape of the human being?
  • What projections do we impose on our bodies?
  • What are the expectations and what happens to the expectations when they become reality?
  • How do we deal with challenges to our fixed views of reality?

The way Minako Seki and Pablo Molina deal with these issues is very concrete. They start from the body and develop their images and movements on stage.


Pablo Molina, besides his circus formation, he started with street dance (Popping, Krumping and Break Dance) and get inspiration from Pantomime (Etienne Decroux), BMC and Clown (Erick Blouet). Searching some “trueness” and justice in what he does, “not being a symbol of what I feel or a caricature, I try to embody the feelings or emotions to transmit it in a PURE way”.

Very attracted by Shamanism and altered states of consciousness, for me art, and more precise the stage its a moment that works like a catalyst (that amplifies, like microscope/telescope) and it works as an extension of the human body. On stage we pay way more attention (as a spectator) whats going on in front of us, and being conscious of that, we can create a big impact on people. Stage its space and time in one, a fertile terrain where you can create life.