Homage to my Brother

Minako Seki was invited to the SUKIYAKI MEETS THE WORLD in order to homage her brother, who was an active member of the Music group Salaam Aleikum.

The piece took form in close collaboration with the drum music group. Seki choreographed the movements of the musicians.

The SUKIYAKI MEETS THE WORLD Festival takes place in Nanto-City (Toyama region), 670km2 wide (same as Biwa Lake or Singapore), population of 60,000. Main activities are rice culture and tourism (UNESCO world Heritage of Gokayama). Nearest cities are Toyama-City and Kanazawa-City (both pop.500,000). To Nanto City, 2h30 needed from Nagoya and Tokyo, 4h from Osaka. International flights to Toyama or Komatsu from Seoul, Shanghai, Taipeh, Dalian and Vladivostok.


Naming “Sukiyaki” comes from a world famous Japanese song by Kyu Sakamoto, invitation to discover the diversity of our World. It is also a famous Japanese dish mixing many different ingredients in a same pot.