SOL PICÓ / We Women

The dancer and producer Sol Picó invited several female dancers and musicians to work in a collaborative project about the Contemporary Woman. Together with her colleagues, Picó examine and bring to light a collective vision on the role of the woman within our actual social structure.
The different participants come from completely different cultural and social backgrounds but they have relevant similarities, they have met repeatedly in different situations and are converging now in an intense exchange project.
We Women questions the role of women in our world, widening the horizon and searching an intercultural background, surrounding with authentic international references of the contemporary dance world.
The participants have in common that they all have broken schemes on their own cultural traditions, sharing now a collective reflection, their experiences, thoughts and visions.

The different dancing styles, techniques and languages will be combined on the research on an issue that, although has many years of history, is still fresh and actual: the status of women in today’s world.

A complex issue that opens questions such as:
What is the reason why women‘s artistic contribution has been historically neglected?
Why is their legacy disappearing?
Which roads and paths, that have been already walked in the past, have to be re-opened again?   And perhaps the most fundamental question:
Why in times of political correctness, in which western women are constantly reminded that they have equal opportunities, are still all these questions arising?

“The piece was twice finalist of the Max Price Awards in 2015 and 2016”

Direction: Sol Picó
Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini
Dancers: Minako Seki, Julie Dossavi, Shantala Shivalingappa, Sol Picó
Music and voice: Adele Madau, Lina Leon, Marta Robles, Virginia Rodrigo
Light Design: Sylvia Kuchinow
Set design, technical coordination: Joan Manrique
Sound engineer: Stéphane Carteaux

Co-producers: Sol Picó Cia / Barcelona Grec Festival 2015 / Buenos Aires International Festival 2015