… flow, swirl, tear, swarm, soothe, quietness, drop, rain, thunder, flash, patter, clear, moist air, wash, cleanse, heal, swim, dive, hover, …

In his book “The Sensitive Chaos” (1962) the water researcher Theodor Schwenk showed the analogy between the vital water formations and life. The structure of water is constantly moving and developing, as the human beings do. But it has other sides: the violence of water, the furrowing sea – agitated, dangerous, flooding and destroying -, or the absence of rain, water drowning and thirst, the pollution of the seas.

Water can be observed from far away, but also from very close. The single drop, the small trickle, the puddle on the road, the water molecules. And then the fascinating underwater world.

The Workshop will deal with the materiality of water, with the understanding that the human body, which its approximately 80% water content, ressembles a water bag. By observing the fluid, we will observe ourselves: our body and movement and also our deep inwardness. The Seki Method investigates the communication between the conscious and subconscious, the description of emotional states and the boundaries between reality and illusion.


Picture by Nicolas Clément