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Seki Method

Creative Dojo provides a space to unfold your potential, develop your creativity and connect with your natural being.

Minako Seki has been leading holistic workshops internationally for the last 20 years. Her artistic approach cannot be separated from her personal philosophy of life.

Creative Dojo holds a holistic vision to nourish all aspects of our humanity.

Nourishing all aspects of life is how we can grow and find more joy. Body, mind and spirit have to be taken care of. Dance is about living more fully. Becoming aware of what is blocking our growth is necessary to develop consciousness and reach higher states of being.

Her method involves dance creation, ritual, meditation, healing methods, detoxifiying food.



Dive into Minako’s Seki Method


Learn to be in the “Here and Now”, to meet yourself, meet your breath and your life


Give time & tools to support self-healing and de-toxification


Use personal experiences to produce authentic creations


This method is deeply developed during her residential retreats, as a powerful tool for performance creation. Soon, Minako will also promote a brand new type of Holistic Retreat, focused on healing and detox.





Testimonials and images from Creative Dojo/Seki Method workshops and retreats: