Festival Of Performing Arts in the South of Chile


Saturday, 23.02.2019, 20:00h
Opening Performance
Ilumina La Piedra 

with Minako Seki, Anna Barros, Marjorie Chau, Claudio Ansorena, Nils Willers

In the beginning was the light.
There was the sun and the moon.
And the water on earth.
Out of the water came the life
and migrated to the light.



Aqua Luna
Workshop In Progress

Monday, 25.02. – Saturday, 02.03.2019

with Minako Seki (Berlin, Japan), Anna Barros (Chile), Marjorie Chau (Berlin, Chile), Nils Willers (Berlin, Germany)

The workshop is an intensive  workshop for body, soul and mind.
It includes Dance, Theatre, Improvisation, Costume and Movement, so the whole spectrum of Performing Arts. It is ending with a public performance.

The workshop is held by the four lecturers in learning blocks.
The program is framed by meditation, a morning workout and rituals, which are expanded and changed daily with the help of the participants.
The technique of ritual serves to realize and expand your cosmic horizon to experience the peculiarity of the place in time and space.
The aim of the workshop is to give the participants new tools for their theatrical work and to let us all experience the beauty of nature and the miracle of life in a paradisiacal environment.
As a result of the five-day workshop, we will be showing the result of our work in a public performance, culminating in a party dedicated to light and our earth.

The workshop will be hold in spanish, english and german. 
It’s open for all levels.



KO-PANQUI (ko; water / panqui, where pumas live)
Ko-Panqui Lodge and Artist Residence is an exclusive lodge with bungalows, an event center, a rehearsal room, a bio-pool and relaxation areas, everything in harmony with the natural environment in which we are.
Ko Panqui is located in the Panqui Valley, 5 km. from the municipality of Curarrehue and 35 km from Pucón in the Araucanía region.
The center is surrounded by crystal clear waters of the Panqui River and offers panoramic views of the volcanoes;
Villarrica, Lanin, Quetrupillán and Quilquilin.
Ko-Panqui is a retreat for travelers looking for a place to rest in nature, as well as for groups of artists from various disciplines to develop their creations, artistic laboratories and productions.