– Report of the Summer Intensive Workshop // Holistic Retreat for Movement Research –

/// Seki Method Training, performance and drawing on “Bouncing” ///

Immersion in a holistic life, with yoga, macrobiotic cooking, traditionnal japanese healing techniques and meditation

The slow beat (Maren Konn of Mar Mäander)

Tic Toc Tic Toc

The sound oft he big pendulum-clock
In childhood-days
The rhythm of my life

The slow beat

Tic Toc Tic Toc

While others rush
I’m standing still
Wooden, tall
Always too late
For that is my fate

Tic Toc Tic Toc

The slow beat

Like a deep voice from the ground
I’m here
Down on that ground- I am
For so many good reasons

Lying here
I can see the stars
Far above
And I can catch you, if you

Tic Toc Tic Toc

The slow beat
It is not too slow
It is the rhythm
Of my soul,
my body

Bouncing hot lava
in cold

The slow beat

Jessica Cottee

“Bouncing is pulsating with possibilities.”

Carola Behrend

Es un modo de sentirme VIVA!!
Revivirme a mi misma en su totalidad,en mi ser mas recondito,mas intimo…y abrir mis alas a mi propio ser.”


“You bleed, you bleed.
You discourage, you discourage.
You agonise, you agonise.
You depress, you depress.
You freeze, you freeze.

You pick up, you pick up.
You mend, you mend.
You come back, you come back.
You revive, you revive.
You heal, you heal.
You rebound, you rebound.

You are held close
As if life depended on it.
You are awakened by another soul.
You are carried by love.
You are inspired.

You love, you love.”

Luciana Elias

Incorporeal flavor
Melee with myself
Winding Dance – Bouncing
Where do I build
My fourth dimension

Lightly rests my hand on heart
I can hear the electricity like music
And the world trembles in my fingers
The skeleton without muscle
It’s free of life
Naked and white

And in a shiver of an instant,

The back of the neck invites the “body-soul-matter”

To dive once again
In to gateway
Ancestral cave
Uterus of the World – Bouncing

Feedback from Felicitas Vallot:

Dear all, it took me a while to comprehend and to digest the depth and beauty of what we created together. I am deeply grateful for every moment of bouncing that we shared. I am grateful for every eye contact shared, for every smile and laughter shared, for every little piece of story and dance, for every little piece of your heart.
Every little piece has softly found its place in my heart and body, nurturing my inner wilderness and my forest of gratitude.
Every moment of real presence together is a gift for me.
Every moment of real presence is a gateway to true love, and an invitation to dance with life.