Our eyes shift focus from one point to another without conscious
attention. We do this so we can understand what surrounds us, the
objects, landscapes or people. We also often keep our focus on what
interests us.
But when we don’t understand something, we keep our focus for
longer time in order to understand it.

This process is partly a metacognitive monitoring, involving
awareness, sensation, prediction, inspection and evaluation.
Understanding requires goal setting, planning and correction.

The development of metacognitive abilities begins with the
awareness of oneself. As we direct our attention to our own
experience, in the mental, physical, emotional or spiritual planes, we
come to a different understanding of what we perceive.

We will sense the space where we have that feeling of “almost
understanding’’, and “almost not understanding’’.
We will work with a partner on subjective and objective information
such as interests, notable actions, concerns, problems, important
events, to experience the “Focus Shifting“.

(Picture by Ralph Mohr from Human Form2 – Puppets)


03-06.10.2019 at Dock11, Berlin, Spain

16-17.11.2019 at La Piconera, Spain