NEXT BOUNCING WORKSHOP: TanzKunstWerk in Bern, Switzerland


This workshop offers a space to research the many possibilities of ‘bouncing’.

You probably already know that even the most apparent stillness holds within a world of movement. Everything is in a state of change. Your body is in flux.
You walk, turn, jump, rest, sit, twist and the millions of particles that make your body move. The extraordinary choreography of being alive.We relate to others and expand beyond our borders. We interact in multiple ways, wave like motions of softness, resistance, love, attraction, fear.

We bounce towards the earth and are in relation to stars and planets. Whenever something goes away, something comes back.Our liquid body is relating to the many other liquid bodies on the earth, to the oceans, rivers and lakes. We are bouncing water particles in every single moment.We bounce towards or away from each other. In synchronicity, in rhythm and out of rhythm.At the physical, relational and emotional levels we can explore and observe our movements and develop a language to communicate what is alive and how in this moment.


Drawings by Joelle Tumasov: