3-18 July 2020, Mallorca

For the first time Minako Seki is offering a Choreographic Residency in Mallorca. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with her and develop your own theme, concept and movement. 

Over the last few years Minako has received many requests from dancers wanting to work personally with her to receive guidance on how to unfold their artistic projects to create unique pieces. This is now possible and we are filled with excitement to make it real.

We are now taking applications and places are limited to just 4 participants.


Main aspects of the residency

– Personal one to one time with Minako to develop your project

– Group training based on Seki method and practices that will incorporate elements of the personal themes and content of participants

– Time on your own to research and elaborate material

Performance presentation

Participants on this residency will perform in Mallorca. The venue and exact date is still to be confirmed 

Other elements of the residency.

– Meditation to foster creativity and attention

– Sharing circles to support your creative process, to identify personal resistances that may be blocking your growth and that of your artistic project

– Personal session with Inalu Antoli, yoga teacher and therapist, to support you in whatever way you need. This may take the form of a yoga, massage session or somatic coaching

– Bio-Vegan Food

– One afternoon to offer and receive Japanese healing practices

This program is held with a holistic view, therefore care of body, mind and spirit is essential. Minako’s unique artistic approach and her personal philosophy of life are deeply integrated. This program will reflect this aspect. 

This is a very general day schedule. As everyone will have their own creative process, tasks and times will be decided on a day to day basis. 


6.30 Meditation

7.15 Morning Training

8.30 Breakfast

9.30 Studio Time

14.00 Lunch

15.30 Studio Time

19.30 Dinner

We will expect you to arrive on 3rd July to start working on 4th July. Performance will most likely take place on 17th July. However this will be confirmed as soon as we have confirmation of the venue for the performance. Departure is on 18th July. 

This program will be held in Mallorca, in the charming village of Maria de la Salut, a very rustic and relaxed environment with great views of Mediterranean countryside. 

Accommodation is shared in double rooms. You will stay in a traditional Mallorcan house, with a short drive to the studio.



If you are interested, please send us for application, at mail@minakoseki.com:

  • Name, address, date of birth
  • Summary of your project, theme and concept
  • Short video with movement material you are working on

(Photo credits Roger Rossell)