23.04 until 30.04.2023

In San Dragó, Mallorca, Spain

Detox is a process in which we let go of things that no longer serve us and invite new energy in. In this way we reconnect to our creativity and passion for life.

Cleansing the body of excess toxins is a great way to recover energy, boost immunity and stay healthy. 

The body will naturally do this cleansing process if we give it the chance. However often due to stress, lack of proper rest and an inappropriate diet and lifestyle, we block our innate capacity to renew our vitality.

In this retreat you will learn ways to restore your natural balance, which will bring more harmony and energy to your body. 



Minako Seki is an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer. She has also been practicing healing techniques, which she discovered while caring for her terminally ill sister. She has been using Japanese traditional medicine and macrobiotic cooking for the past thirty years.

Inalu Antoli is a Macrobiotic Nutrition and Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga Teacher & Therapist. She runs residential Yoga Detox retreats in Mallorca. She collaborates with Triratna Buddhist centres in the UK offering Conscious Movement & Meditation Retreats. Dancing to express her life, emotions and soul is her passion.

Antje Lea Schmidt is an actress, creating her own theaterpieces. Telling stories through songs, dance, spoken and unspoken words, she is always searching for humor in the depth of suffering. Many years of Vipassana-meditation and being student and assistent of Minako Seki gave her the tools to create and to share the passion of acting.

Ingredients of the Creative Detox Retreat:

*Japanese traditional healing methods

Japanese traditional medicine derives from Chinese medicine and its basic premise is restoring balance to the body. Its specific healing methods have been used in Japan for more than 1800 years. This ancient wisdom is incredibly valuable and its application is as powerful as ever today. 

Ginger compress for liver, kidney and spleen

This healing method induces deep relaxation and improves stiff muscles and joints, and fatigue. It boosts the function of all internal organs. 

Moxibustion with loquat leaves

Loquat leaves have a special component called amygdalin (known in the treatment of cancer). Moxibustion therapy with loquat leaves allows the body to effectively absorb the amygdalin. This gives vitality to the cells and helps purify the blood.

*Power of imagination

Movement and Bodywork reawaken the body, mind and senses. Playful dance and improvisation techniques unfold and renew our emotional body. We will work in the studio as well as outdoors in nature.

*Macrobiotic Nutrition 

A menu that will support you to detox and rebuild your energy.

You will learn:

The basics of macrobiotics 

What are yin & yang foods

How to create balanced meals

* Meditation

Practice being here fully with mind, body and breath. Enjoy space and time to reconnect with the beauty and power that resides within. 

It seems like we live in a world of duality. Yin and Yang are opposite forces that complement each other. One doesn’t exist without the other. Positivity and negativity enter into this play of duality. When we are extremely negative we become pessimistic and ignorant. When we are extremely positive we become unrealistic. There is a point of balance and neutrality between these two extremes. Balance is essential for health and to find it, to have it, is an art. Flexibility, playfulness and joy are also essential attitudes for a relaxed mind and to develop sweet and satisfying love in our heart. 

This human being in a body, is comprised of mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical movement, digestion and breathing. Nothing can be excluded or isolated; all are interrelated and affect each other. Everything is happening at the same time every single day of our life. If we understand this then we can commit to taking care of all aspects of life. The practices of Bodywork and Breathing are fundamental to support harmony. If you commit to these practices, you start honoring your life more deeply. Honoring is a form of devotion and when you practice devotion for your life, you can change, you can become more radiant, more compassionate, more loving. As you continue respecting and taking action to sustain your life, you blossom with intuitive wisdom and deep love for yourself and others.

What a joy!


The Villa of San Dragó is surrounded by trees, in the heart of the Island of Mallorca.
You will walk, feel, and rest in the garden of 40,000 m2, full of fruit trees, birds, flowers and sweet wind.
You will enjoy the swimming pool area, surrounded by sun loungers and hammocks and feel the calmness of the Balearic Nature.
A landscape of peace, silence and abundance, ideal for a regenerative week of connection with Nature, detox and self care.
We will practice in the studio as well as in the beautiful gardens of the villa and by the sea.
It’s reachable by public transport from the city of Palma and Mallorca airport. We’ll pick you up from the nearest station to the venue (+5€ for the transport to the station).

Fees: EARLY BIRD PRICE until the 8 th of March 2023, of 920 euros. Then the full price will be 1090 euros.

It includes:

 – Organic vegan macrobiotic meals

 – Accommodation

 – Nutrition, bodywork, meditation and healing techniques teachings 

 – Material for the Japanese Traditional healing treatments

Places are very limited.

To register, we would kindly ask you to pay a deposit of 100 euros, in order to secure your spot in the Creative Detox Retreat (this deposit can not be refunded in case of cancellation from your side), at Minako’s bank account:

Name: Minako Seki

GLS BANK (Germany)

IBAN: DE14 4306 0967 1163 1297 00


Once you have done it, please send us the receipt at, with your : Names, Date of birth, Address, Phone number , Profession and a Few words about your interest in joining this retreat.

You are very welcome to ask all your questions to Lili at 🙂

Let’s talk soon.

For any information and registration, write to Lili at

Pictures 13 and 17 are by Johannes Berger. All rights reserved.