How do I love myself?
  • I take really good care of myself. This includes my time.
  • So ask yourself: “what is the best thing to do now?”
  • And choose what most makes sense to you in each moment of the day.
* I ask myself: What would I do with this day if I knew it was my last?
* I am humble and respect others.
* I am grateful to the Universe.
Trust Box
This mindset will support you to grow in trust in yourself and this will continue growing. When you feel some anxiety, put it in your Trust Box by your heart. Close the box, wait, pray, and time will bring you grace.
How to find your axis in each moment.
Below are 6 guidelines to ask yourself in the now:
1. Am I comfortable with my decision?
2. Am I drawn to this?
3. Does it resonate with me and come nicely to me?
4. Does it make sense to me?
5. Do I feel excited, even thrilled, by the idea?
6. Do I feel joy in this decision?
These keys to developing your mindset will help you continue your dance and develop your creativity.
Love to you all,