What the participants say, after the Creative Detox Retreat experience:

This has been an empowering week. Learning so much about nutrition, healing techniques, meditation… and dancing and dancing. We´ve been recharging, body, mind, soul, spirit & heart.

We could experience conscious insights in our habits and patterns – as a new beginning to free ourselves from outdated ways to live our lives. We could set a base for new habits, that bring happiness and more inner silence.

We could feel an authentic happiness from deep inside, through reconnecting our body and mind with the Nature source, through eating, dancing, meditating, acting and practicing Japanese Traditional healing techniques.

Japanese Traditional Treatment: burning Mox stick with a nispel leave

Meditation, movement and Nature

Our everyday best allies for health and energy: Kuzu and Ume

Inalu Antoli is our macobiotic and ayurvedic chef. She cooked an amazingly tasty and healing food that grounded us and gave us fresh energy,  and she shared her knowledge on Macrobiotics and Ayurveda.

A glimpse of Inalu’s lectures

Movement sessions with Minako’s Power of Imagination bodywork strengthened our core (center of the body) and vitalized our metabolism, combining with ritual and dance.

Antje’s theater practices took us in contact with our emotions and individual history to wake up our inner child and to give it shelter and love.

K. says:  “The most impactful aspect of this transformational retreat was the combination of the three practices of Minako, Inalu and Antje. Very powerful! The teachings and offerings complemented each other so harmoniously and after a week I felt renewed, cleansed, healed, stretched, moved and inspired.”

The group feeling was like a healthy organism, giving support to each other, sometimes challenging, always teaching us something new. 

It is a beautiful experience to feel how we as human could share life in a very valuable and secure way. And we can grow and heal together.


Beautiful pictures by Kirsti Abernethy