“Macrobiotics and at-home remedies are some of the ways we can bring about a fundamental, universal and peaceful revolution that can be carried out everywhere on Earth where humans live. These methods are directly related to the survival and prosperity of the human species.


It’s about a clear understanding of the true cause of illness, and returning the concept of daily life to include: diet and exercise, consciousness, thinking methods, human relationships, the natural environment, and a way of life that is in harmony with the natural order. 

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that human beings’ health prospers both physically and mentally. These actions begin in each family by the individuals who make up the society. This revolution is not initiated by political parties, social organizations or ideologies: It’s our body.

You can start with a kitchen that provides daily support – that is, good food, and with a garden or backyard where such food is grown.”

Minako Seki

Power of Imagination Serie

Online Workshop

based on donations


1st of June 2020

Day of Self Care

At 4 pm in Madrid

70 minutes


Make your self medicine

Loquat Elixir

Removes the pain. Wounds, insect bites, burns, toothache, stomatitis, alveolar pyorrhea, sore throat, dermatitis, itching, athlete’s foot, etc.

How to cure swelling

Potato Compress

Sprains, Mastitis, Rheumatic heat, etc.

How to get rid of fatigue from yesterday


With Loquat leaves, Horsetail, Mugwort, Kaki leaves, etc.

Daily detox

Red Rice for Celebration

Wonder of Azuki beans.


What to do ? 

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  • By joining Minako Seki Online Workshop , you declare being in a good shape and being responsible for your own safety. Please be gentle with yourself:)
  • This workshop is based on donations. To support our work in these challenging days, you may consider making a donation. Our recommended donation is 15 €. If you have no income due to the crisis, you do not need to pay anything. Those who have a little, pay a little and those who have a lot, pay a lot;) And please help us to advertise our workshop so that together we can have a lot of fun, heart and good vibes in the world. Thank you so much !

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I am looking forward to connect with you!

See you on monday 1st of June!

With love.