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Stage 1 & Stage 2


I am so grateful to the participants from the 1st Fundamental Awakening group this autumn! It was so deep and I have learnt a lot from them 🙂

As you can see in this video, the level of joy was super high!!! Let’s continue!!! 

Today, I am happy to invite you to join 2 new groups. In Stage 1, a new group will start from zero exploring the Fundamental Awakening process, and  in Stage 2, the former participants can continue to go deeper into their dance.

We will start next week!!

See you soon!

With Love,



The Seki Method works with fundamental physical and biological principles. 

By connecting to joy, an innate source of energy, we also access the real power of the body that can fuel and motivate our dance.

Open to beginners or advanced dancers who are curious to practice the Seki Method basic principles.

    • Sessions of 2h / Limited to 23 persons

    • Wednesdays : 24th of February

    3rd / 10th / 17th of March  2021 

    • 80 € for the month

Time of the class, around the planet:

Berlin, Germany :10h / London, UK: 9h / Tokyo, Japan: 18h

Sâo Paulo, Brazil: 06h / Buenos Aires, Argentina: 06h

 Tel Aviv, Israel: 11h / Kolkata, India: 14h30


Open to the students who have already been part of Fundamental Awakening, Performing-Training, or others workshops with Minako, and want to continue exploring her method.

  • Sessions of 2h / Limited to 23 persons
  • Fridays: 26th of February
  • 5th / 12th / 19th of March 2021
  • 70 € for the month

Time of the class around the planet:

Berlin, Germany: 22h / Chicago, USA: 15h

Mexico City, Mexico: 15h / Portland, USA: 13h

Tokyo, Japan: 6h on Saturday / Sao Paulo, Brazil: 18h

For questions, information and registration, contact Lili at