22 – 30 th of October 2020

(we are of course waiting for any decision of the sanitary authorities)


Creative Dojo’ offers programs to unfold our potential, develop our creativity and connect with our natural way of being. ‘Creative Dojo’ embraces a holistic vision which nourishes all aspects of our humanity.

Minako Seki has been leading successful holistic international retreats for over 20 years. Her unique artistic approach and her personal philosophy of life are deeply integrated. She works with a passionate team of people that support her inspiring vision.

By nourishing all aspects of life we can thrive and have a fully embodied experience of life.


Dance creation, ritual, meditation, yoga, healing methods, delicious detox foods.

Training body & mind to unfold our potential.

Creating a solo dance performance in a natural environment.

Being in a beautiful Mediterranean garden.



This retreat includes:

  • 2 dance training sessions per day with Minako Seki

  • 1 yoga class daily with Inalu

  • Daily meditation in the morning

  • One to one choreographic work with Minako Seki to develop your performance

  • Learning Japanese traditional body treatments

  • One day ritual by the sea

  • Brunch & dinner (vegan and bio)

  • 8 nights accommodation, 9 days program

  • Pick up from and to the nearest train station to the venue in Mallorca


This retreat is for anyone interested in working creatively with the body. For people willing to immerse themselves in a holistic approach to life and performance, through the practice of meditation, nutrition, healing, yoga… and of course dance. It is intense and it will require your dedication and passion to be fully present to unfold your potential as a creative human being as well a dancer, mover and performer.


When: 22-30 October 2020 (9 days, 8 nights)

(October 22nd starting in the afternoon/ October 30th leaving after midday)



Where: Mallorca, Villa Son Drago, in the idyllic countryside near the village of Sant Joan.

We will practice in the studio as well as in the beautiful gardens of the villa and by the sea.


The Seki Method departs from the imagination and its many possibilities. It connects you with your creative impulse and artistic expression. It allows us to find more freedom in our movement and to reconnect with natural impulses, images and life forms.

Food will be organic and vegetarian. The menu is designed to give you plenty of energy and vitality while detoxing your body to recover its intelligence. Furthermore we will practice Traditional Japanese Healing techniques using moxa and nispero leaves.

Are you ready to set off in this rich journey?



  • Learn the basics of the Seki Method Technique
  • Find natural and ease of movement
  • Reconnect and trust your instincts
  • Unfold your imagination and creativity
  • Find communication between what is conscious and sub-conscious

Dance is about living more fully. Becoming aware of what is blocking our growth is necessary to develop consciousness and reach higher states of being.


Learn to be in the “Here and Now”, to meet yourself, meet your breath and your life


Give time & tools to support self-healing and detoxification


Remember your true nature, essentially joyful & peaceful. Reorganize your body to reorganize your mind and spirit.


Use personal experiences to produce authentic creations.

This workshop will be filmed and photographed to promote Creative Dojo retreats.


MINAKO SEKI: Dancer, choreographer and creator of the Seki Method. She will be leading the Seki Method training, the Meditation and the demonstrations of the Japanese healing treatments. She will support participants in the creation of a solo performance.

INALU ANTOLI is a teacher of yoga and creative movement, as well as massage therapist and nutritionist. Her yoga practice is based in awareness, deep listening and breath. By extending the focus in grounding ourselves, experimenting the present and feeling the uniqueness of our bodies, her teaching aims to provide freedom of movement and a state of profound aliveness and vitality.

LILI LENFANT: Dancer, painter and care giver. Also assistant/manager of the Minako Seki Company and Creative Dojo-Performing Arts Holistic Life. Responsible for the registration issues, as well as answering questions about payment or logistics.

MORITZ BONATTI has assisted Minako in several workshops and retreats over the last 5 years and danced in her company. His interests move between performance, filmmaking, anthropology, yoga, climbing and wild herbs. He works as documentary producer in northern Italy.

FRANZISKA GERTH: Mover, translator and socialscientist. She is working in an NGO on food sovereignity and as a performer on political themes. Franzi is assisting and following Minako since a couple of years.


PRICE: You have to add workshop fees and meals + accomodation fees.


630€ SUPER Early Bird – until 25th of July

680€ Early Bird – Until 25th of August

730€ FULL PRICE – after 25th of September



Lodging in double rooms.