PERFORMING-TRAINING is an online training and investigation of personal process for performing Art and Dance. An online training for professional dancers, actors and anyone keen to develop their skills in stage performance.
It is part of my Creative Dojo.

It happened from October until December 2020. It has been amazing, once again, to discover the power of connection between a group of artists, even separated by oceans !

I am very grateful to the 8 dancers, who showed a strong commitment to create, at home, their own solo dance material: Juana del Mar from Colombia, Carola Behrend from Argentina/Switzerland, Yifeng Wang from Germany , Thanh Blu from Germany, Luciana Elias from Brazil, Christiane Staufferfrom Germany, Jessica Cottee from Ireland and Dasha Tan from Australia.
Organized by Lili Lenfant.

We are looking forward to start again in 2021!