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Under gravity, we connect to the centre of the Earth through our intention. Our weight also lands each step as we fall into the Earth. The Earth then meets our body and dances back, and in this process we become aligned.

The invisible cord of alignment hangs from the centre of the Earth through the centre of our body. We are hanging into the Sky.

This way of seeing our fundamental existence activates the imagination in our body and mind.

The Seki Method departs from this foundation to communicate between the conscious and the unconscious.


WHERE: La Piconera
C/Sancho Marraco, 6. 08004 Barcelona
La Piconera is the name of the headquarters of the Company Sol Picó in Barcelona. It is located in the center of the “City of Theatre” in Barcelona.


WHEN: 13-14-15 of May 2022

Friday 17-20h, Saturday and Sunday 10-16h.



200 euros.

We are aware of the deep crisis in the world right now, and we are very open to consider you needs. Please , if you have any difficulty, feel free to contact us and we will find a way to help you join the workshop 🙂



In order to book your spot, I would kindly ask you to proceed to the payment of 50 euros (this deposit can not be refunded in case of cancellation from your side – apart from Covid legilsation).The rest will be paid at your arrival at the studio.

Once you have done it, please send me the receipt, with your names, address, phone number and a few words about your interest in taking this course.


Here comes the payment details :

  • If you pay from Europe, in Euros, please use bank transfer

Bank : Minako Seki

GLS BANK (Germany)
IBAN: DE14 4306 0967 1163 1297 00


  • If you pay from outside of Europe please use Wise!


* Covid 19 restrictions:

According to the situation in May 2022, we will inform you of the rules to be observed in the studio 🙂


Write to Lili for any questions!


With love

Lili & Minako